Gastrointestinal Tracking Device

Gastrointestinal Tracking Device for Medical Application

Real-Time Results
Tracking in 3D

MoPill: GPS for the Gut


Medical. A diagnostic tool for gastroenterologists. Product objective is to measure GI motility from ingestion to expulsion. Goal is to provide real time, ambulatory, relevant motility assessment for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

Previous Limiting Technology:

Existing technology has lacked the ability to track speed and direction of movement within the GI tract in real time, for outpatients, thus limiting physicians’ ability to assess the source, status, or progression of gastrointestinal disease.


Create a device that will meet low cost, producibility, and quick-to-market objectives, while meeting or exceeding all clinical performance objectives. Develop demonstration prototype rapidly to validate concepts and technology feasiblility.


We developed a custom RF signal transmitter and receiver system that utilizes a combination of custom low power electronics, commercial off-the-shelf instrumentation, and rapid prototyped signal processing techniques to implement GI diagnostic concepts and test feasibility. The receiver tracks the transmitter device (pill) in 3D space in real time in a noninvasive, patient-friendly manner. The prototype MoPill system was designed, prototyped and tested in our labs in a 9-month period.

Area of Specialization:

Medical Device Prototyping & Development