Law Enforcement and First Responders

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Serve and Protect Safely and Efficiently.

Law enforcement and first responders require the best technology to help them provide the highest quality of service to the public. The use of the right sensor(s) and data analytics can improve the ability of law enforcement to serve and protect their respective communities safely and efficiently.

Rock West offers a unique blend of experience in both sensor development and data analytics which can be of service to law enforcement and first responders. Our capabilities extend to applications in many areas, including personnel tracking, data and signature analysis, EO, IR, and radiation detection, Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF), firearm acoustic modeling, and surveillance.


Rock West Solutions has developed various sensors which can be applied to law enforcement situations:

  • IR Beacon – Identification of Friend or Foe using airborne FLIRs
  • RFID – Material, personnel, and goods identification and tracking
  • Radiation Detectors – Detection and identification of radioactive sources

Do you have a sensor or sensor system currently being employed by law enforcement personnel that you are looking to improve or upgrade? Are you looking to develop a new sensor and need assistance in seeing it to fruition? Rock West excels in adapting commercial and custom solutions to specialized problems in sensor development.

Data Analysis

Law enforcement safety and efficacy is affected by the ability to expediently process, evaluate, track, and analyze large amounts of data. Rock West can support first responders and law enforcement through the development of signal and data analysis methods to better process a variety of data including imagery, acoustic, and video data. As an example, we have experience in modeling the acoustic signature of firearms and developing algorithms to identify and discriminate between the signatures. In addition, we have applied our techniques to other applications in image and signal processing which can be applied to surveillance, identification, tracking, and forensics challenges.

Do you have large amounts of data that need processing, but lack the tools to handle it efficiently? Are you looking for innovative ways to better understand your data? Rock West leverages expertise in the development and use of sensors and signal processing methods to help our clients employ state-of-the-art methods in data and signal processing.