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Happy Holidays!

Holidays 2016
  Rock West Solutions’s office will close for the holidays today, Thursday, December 22 at 5PM Pacific and then reopen at 8AM on Tuesday, January 3. 2017. Our staff is looking to some well deserved time off to spend with family and f …

RWC’s CARBONNect – an Erector Set for Grownups!

CARBONNect Banner
Our colleagues at Rock West Composites have a new product line that is really exciting. Strong enough for aerospace and industrial applications. Modular. Lightweight. Easy assembly of carbon fiber structures without bonding. Engineering an …

Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Radome

Radome - Top Ten Things to Know
If you need a radome for an aviation-, maritime- or ground-based application, we can help.  But there are some things you should be thinking about when you call.  In order to get the right product designed for your application to meet all …