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Successful Medical Device Development: Avoiding Common Mistakes

As the world of technology explodes around us, it may seem surprising that the technology used by medical professionals is often outdated. As one of the wealthiest nations in the world, there is no excuse for this lack of innovation. We can help to rectify this situation by improving the level of technology doctors, clinics, and hospitals have at their disposal.

We have come to understand that medical professionals rely heavily on diagnostic tools when evaluating patients. Limitations and errors in these instruments mean limitations and errors in a doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat patients. People suffering with chronic illness also need better solutions for monitoring their condition on a daily basis. Those working in the healthcare field are familiar with all of these challenges because they see them every day. They know what functionality is needed in order to elevate the level of care but lack the technical ability to implement it. One of the best ways we can help advance this field is by collaborating with the medical industry and using our expertise in sensor development and data analysis to develop the tools necessary to bring this industry up to date.

New Solutions for Acquiring Data

Rock West Solutions works with practitioners to design specific solutions for acquiring specific data. Our team of sensor, signal processing, and data analysis experts work with clients to come up with creative ways to use technology to the medical industry’s advantage. We are developing new and innovative tools that utilize the latest in sensors, software, and diagnostic tool design to narrow the information gap that so many medical facilities and clinicians face. In some cases that means prototyping new devices from the ground up. In other cases, it is a matter of enhancing existing device development or improving data processing.

We strive to enhance the medical community by helping to bring new products and methodologies to the market. We have an incredible team of highly qualified engineers, and we want to make their expertise available to other groups working in this space. The effort to create better healthcare requires a cross-disciplinary approach, and we are eager to work with others to initiate this improvement.

We Want to Work with Your Team

For Rock West Solutions, the opportunity to collaborate with medical teams is more than a business venture, it is a chance to be part of something much bigger. Whether it is improving diagnostic tool design, innovating new medical devices or assisting teams with prototyping and development, we are committed to making healthcare better for all.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with your team. Can we help you find answers and solutions related to any of the following questions?

  • Is there something missing from the diagnostic toolkit?
  • Does a given device enable clinical and patient compliance (is it easy to use)? Could it be better?
  • Does it provide a clear and easily understandable result for the diagnostician?
  • Does it meet cost and producibility objectives for the intended market?
  • Should a device provide 24/7 physician-monitored results via cellular service or wi-fi?
  • Should it provide immediate results, or allow patient feedback, via smartphone or computer?
  • What are the possibilities for diagnostic relevance in similar diseases and conditions?

Rock West Solutions works to find ways to acquire direct measurement for a given metric, to generate a faster clinical assessment of a condition, and to provide a more confident and reliable diagnosis. To learn more about what we have accomplished in this arena, we invite you to read about Mopill: GPS for the Gut.

Medical devices are only as useful as the data they produce and the results they report. If your organization does not possess the means of gleaning or analyzing the data you need to improve patient outcomes, do not settle for these limitations. Let our team work with yours to come up with the exact solution that will meet your medical innovation needs.