Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection

Scenario Modeling.
Source Detection.
Discriminating the Real Threats.

Radiation Detection

Effective radiation detection is as crucial to military operations as it is to protecting the general public. Rock West Solutions has partnered with government and private sector organizations to develop novel radiation detectors as well as related services. Through our military and commercial client partnerships, we have had the privilege of advancing the kinds of solutions that give our troops and first responders an edge in the field while maintaining maximum effectiveness.

Our work with private sector companies has positioned us to become an industry leader in the design and development of some rather impressive radiation detection solutions. This includes sensors to detect natural and man-made sources including threats such as dirty radiological devices. Over the years, Rock West Solutions has been heavily involved in:

  • • Designing, developing, and evaluating radiation detection and radioactive isotope detection systems,
  • Offering sparse signature identification technology for identifying radioactive sources and other signatures or materials of interest, and
  • Supporting the improvement of gamma, beta, and neutron detectors and spectrometers with optimized radiation detection and identification analytical methods.

Provide Confidence in Your Results

Radiation detection and source identification can often rely on a sparse set of data, and there may be uncertainty in the methods and circumstances of how it was obtained. Our work in the design and development of radiation detectors gives us a unique perspective into the data they obtain as well as the physics behind the data. We know where the uncertainty lies, and we are skilled in quantifying that uncertainty in order to bring the full solution to light.

Our staff consists of scientists, engineers, and analysts who are familiar with the current problems in radiation detection. We have developed state-of-the-art analysis techniques for looking at sparse spectral signatures, and we employ the latest statistical and analytical techniques to give our clients confidence in their results. We can help you make inferences on your data, while determining the likelihood of a solution.

We are practiced in algorithm development as well quick prototyping of software in various computer languages such as Python, C/C++, C#, and others. We will work with your team to develop the tools necessary to solve your problem, with incorporated graphics and plotting designs that will help you better visualize and understand the solution.

Identify and Overcome Your Challenges

Overcoming the challenges related to radiation detection and sources such as special nuclear materials, industrial, medical, and others begins by properly identifying said challenges. Our experts will help you do just that. We assist our clients in the analysis of the full compendium of challenges they may face in the short and long terms, then devise strategies to overcome them to execute their missions with success.

We can assist your organization with a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Modeling threat detection scenarios, including shielding and scattering
  • Evaluating RIID System sensitivity and performance
  • Improving isotope identification confidence for your threat assessment team
  • Discriminating real threats from backgrounds and other non-critical radiation sources
  • Customizing our sparse signal detection and signal processing capabilities for individual scenarios involving the search for and identification of radioactive natural, industrial, and medical isotopes, as well as threats such as special nuclear materials

We Offer Experience and Dedication

Modern situational safety needs combined with the difficulty of detecting certain critical materials drives us toward interesting problems which require innovative answers. Our Rock West team members have over 30-years of experience providing radiation detection expertise in solving problems for the U.S. Government and the commercial sector. We understand the importance and challenge of the problems and the typical issues associated with a variety of detection scenarios, difficult nuclear physics challenges, and complicated systems to detect and identify threats to our national security. We design and build game-changing detector systems to help our customers solve these critical, challenging problems. You have our commitment to provide you with unparalleled experience, a full body of expert knowledge, and our dedication to helping you identify and overcome the challenges your organization faces. You will always get the very best effort from Rock West Solutions.