Threat Location Algorithm

Threat Detection Algorithm Development for Border Security

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Threat Detection and Securitysurveillance

Threat Location Algorithm for Decision Sciences MMPDS


Defense. Utilize existing system gamma data to develop a signal processing approach for detecting and localizing a radioactive gamma emission source embedded in a cargo trailer.

Previous Limiting Technology:

Based on DSIC preliminary data, Rock West assisted with the development of a new threat identification capability for the MMPDS cargo inspection system.


Create a near real-time signal processing algorithm to integrate over 8000 sensors’ data into a single location determination.


Work closely with the DSIC team to analyze system gamma detection data. Understand the relevant nuclear physics and sensor engineering aspects of the MMPDS system for its gamma detection capabilities.  Build a physics-based model of various solution approaches. Perform trade studies of several analytical methods.  Down select the optimum method and develop the software to integrate into the MMPDS system.  Support test analysis and recommendations for further improvements for location resolution and processing speed increases.

Area of Specialization:

Radiation Detection