Commercial and Industrial Sensor Applications - Quality Assurance and Tracking

Customized solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

The size and diversity of the American economy means there is no shortage of wide-ranging commercial enterprises. With this enormous amount of variability comes a need for equally varied solutions. Any commercial operation has specific needs that change based on organization size, operating procedures, the nature of service or product, etc. Given highly diverse and competitive worldwide markets, consumers have developed high expectations for any products or services that are rarely fulfilled by generic solutions.

At Rock West, we treat every project like the nuanced situation that it is. We recognize that each customer is different, and we provide solutions accordingly. We take the time to make sure we design a sensor system or data processing algorithm that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our solutions include sensor hardware was well as the software to turn the output of those sensors into useful and actionable data. From quality assurance to inventory tracking, incorporating cutting edge sensor solutions to your business can save money and boost efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Consistently maintaining quality is essential to all forms of production. Utilizing an integrated sensor as an embedded inspection system in a production line makes it significantly easier to monitor progress and identify problem areas. Monitoring aspects such as size, spatial relationships, temperature, humidity, chemical content, residual particulates, etc. is essential for modern manufacturing. An acute issue can be isolated and corrected quickly, while chronic problems can be identified early, thus preventing product yield or quality emergencies.

Rock West can contribute a custom monitoring system or design a specific product manufacturing element to supplement a QA system already in place. As your business grows and evolves, your original product QA system may not fill your needs. Our engineers can work with your team, and the infrastructure already in place to add the sensors or analytics necessary to bring your product quality up to your current requirements.


Whatever your business, chances are high that there is at least one commodity that it is beneficial to track. Groups who process large amounts of inventory can take advantage of passive RF sensors to track individual items on a large scale. This not only improves overall efficiency, but allows for quick and accurate inventory location in case of customer inquiry or when making ordering decisions.

Physical objects are not the only useful metric to track. Passive sensors like motion detectors or cameras can be used to track attendance, movement through a facility, or even time a passerby spends looking at a display. This data can then be complied and analyze for trends corresponding to time of day/week/year, or to gauge the success of a new marketing campaign. On a factory floor, gaining insight into the manufacturing process or inventory details can highlight areas of waste or bottlenecking. The more you know about your employees, customers, production methods, and inventories, the more areas of improvement you can identify and address to improve your business success.

Let Rock West help provide actionable data to improve your commercial business.