Logo: Rock West Composites
Rock West Composites provides a full suite of composites-related products and services. From engineering, design and development, prototyping, testing, to manufacturing, they can help take your product from an idea to production or help with any step in between. They use a variety of composite manufacturing techniques including hand layup, roll-wrapping, filament winding, press curing, bladder molding, and oven curing among others. You may select from multiple manufacturing processes to be confident you’re getting the best solution for a particular application.

Logo: Rock West Properties
Rock West Properties is a real estate investment, development, and management company that holds both residential and industrial properties in its portfolio. This division affords the other groups of Rock West opportunities of internal commercial expansion and growth as well as being an enterprising entity unto itself. Rock West Properties undertakes projects from green field developments to restorations and remediation.