Defense Industry

Evolve and Adapt.
Demanding Objectives.
Mission Critical.

National defense is a top priority. In a world filled with technologies that advance by the day, military systems must constantly evolve and adapt to threats that utilize new and improved capabilities. Defense missions can vary greatly and include training, security, search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance, and precise targeting. These missions are only accomplished when high-performance sensors and signal processing are integrated to meet the demanding objectives. Rock West has the knowledge-base and experience with these technologies to provide the innovative, reliable, and mission-critical solutions that the defense environment demands.

Sensor Development

Sensors are a critical military tool which provide results to a defense analyst or decision maker. Signal measurement and processing is specific to targets, backgrounds and clutter for each mission. Sensors and signal processing must be customized for the mission at hand. Rock West has an extensive history in sensor development, with experience in the process of reviewing requirements, considering blue sky and game changing concepts, then modeling and rapidly prototyping innovative sensor solutions. If you are looking to fill a sensor gap or improve the performance of your defense system, we can help develop a solution for it.

Internal and external security systems rely on sensor technology, such as electro-optical and infrared systems for surveillance, tracking and intelligence missions. Rescue and combat missions might require personnel, vehicle and materiel tracking. Rock West has a wide range of sensor technology experience and capabilities for such applications, from the UV to the far infrared. For example, we have developed a line of compact, low-power infrared beacons to provide Identification of Friend-or-Foe or long-range observation of personnel and equipment.

Signal Analysis

The military and defense data environment can be subject to wide variations that negatively influence results. Signals of interest are frequently buried in noise, environment fluctuations, or obscuring clutter. Rock West Solutions is not intimidated by these challenging environments or weak signals. We leverage innovative mathematics, statistics and digital filtering to enhance signal detection strategies to generate accurate results. Our team has worked with our customers to develop strategies applied to such areas as EO/IR signature detection, laser pulse processing, radioactive isotope identification, and acoustic and chemical signature analysis.

Decision makers require confidence in the interpretation of data from sensors being employed with little room for error. Rock West has worked with customers to develop and utilize modern statistical techniques, such as Bayesian analysis, to provide statistical confidence in results.

Government Contracts

Rock West is a Small Business with principals that have worked for decades with both large aerospace and defense contractors, as well as acting as direct prime contractors to the US Government. Our Program Managers have experience in delivering high technology results on projects that range from $100K to over $20M. Rock West has a DCAA-approved accounting system as well as a history of managing government contracts in a responsible and responsive manner. Our staff is experienced in working within the FAR and DFAR Guidelines, Earned Value Management systems and other reporting requirements under Cost type, Fixed Price, and Time and Materials contracts. We understand the importance of scaling management and oversight resources to the job at hand to provide our customers with a best value solution.