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RFID Remote Sensing

Locate, Track and Derive Motion in 3D
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RFID Chips and Tags - Remote Sensing

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technique of tracking objects using a combination of tags and electromagnetic fields. The tags contain electronically stored information that can be read by receivers placed in strategic locations. RFID is so commonplace these days that few people know it is all around them.

We have taken RFID design and remote sensing applications to the next level by developing unique uses of nearfield communications technologies in the medical device industry and its related communities. Our technical team for medical product development is utilizing nearfield communication technologies and advances in signature detection methods to precisely locate and track objects in complex 3D environments.

Our technologies are also applicable for deriving motion phenomenology in medical settings. This translates into a variety of different diagnostic capabilities, some of which are rather exciting. Gastrointestinal medical devices and diagnostic methods are but one example. By deploying our RFID and remote sensing applications in ways that are attuned to human biology, we can improve gastrointestinal diagnostics immeasurably.

Introducing MoPill: GPS for the Gut

Clinicians have long been limited in their ability to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases by the slow movement of objects and substances through the GI tract. We addressed these limits by developing a brand-new diagnostic medical device which uses a custom RF signal transmitter pill and a receiver capable of tracking in the pill through the GI tract in real-time.

Our tool is capable of measuring GI motility from ingestion to expulsion. The RF transmitter our system is built around is an ingestible pill that travels through the GI tract, collecting information in 3D space and transmitting it to an external receiver. Custom signal processing determines the location and time history of the pill as it moves through the GI tract. The system and process are completely patient-friendly from start to finish.

The MoPill medical device demonstrates just how capable Rock West Solutions is in the arena of RFID design and development. But our abilities are not limited to gastrointestinal diagnostics.

We Can Scale Up Our Technology

The MoPill concept offers great promise within the medical field. Outside of medicine, we can scale up the technology for applications of considerable size. Consider the following:

  • Material and Goods Tracking – Movement in warehouses and distribution centers can be greatly improved with advanced RFID and remote sensing technologies. All sorts of materials and goods can be tracked throughout a facility regardless of size. Operations managers can know exactly where every piece is in real-time.
  • Personnel Tracking – Our tracking capabilities are not limited to goods and materials only. RFID technology makes it possible to track personnel. This has practical applications for schools, playgrounds, and any other location where large numbers of people regularly concentrate.
  • Transportation Applications – RFID and remote sensing applications can be deployed for better management of transportation assets. Be it a public bus system or an auto dealership parking lot, the location of every vehicle in an organization’s inventory can be tracked no matter where it goes.

The key operator here is scale. Our RFID design team is not confined to small-scale solutions in small areas. We are capable of scaling up our systems to offer extremely wide coverage areas where we can track anything we can attach a tag to. Our solutions are conducive to:

  • Custom RFID signal conditioning and tracking,
  • Novel uses of magnetic fields in short range environments, and
  • Precision tracking of personnel and goods across extremely wide areas.

RFID technology is already widely used in everything from inventory control to keeping track of lost pets. With the help of Rock West Solutions’ RFID design and development services, you can leverage this exciting technology for the benefit of your organization. Contact us to learn more about our RFID and remote-sensing applications.