Signal Detection

Signal Detection

“We can help you find that needle in the haystack.”

Signal Detection - Facial Recognition, Biometric Security

Identifying a small signal within a highly cluttered environment can be even more complicated than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Rock West has the expertise to assist you in signal detection through applying cutting edge filtering methods, signal processing, or modifying sensor design, while also providing statistical confidence in the result.

Has your organization struggled to extract useful information out of excess amounts of collected signature data? Are your signal detection strategies being hampered by a highly cluttered background that is preventing you from obtaining the result you require? We can help with advanced signal detection and optimized analysis and filtering that separate useful data from noise.

Decision making in the field of signal detection must always take place in the presence of uncertainty, especially when you are looking at signals with a signal-to-noise ratio of 1 or less. Perhaps your organization does just fine with data collection but lacks the confidence in the results that is necessary for decision making. Or perhaps you are working with extremely limited information in an attempt to reach an important conclusion. Our experience in experimental design, application-specific statistics, and custom signal analysis makes us an excellent resource for making sense of your datasets. We don’t simply create sensor systems, we have full service capabilities, from hardware to processed detection and identification data products.

We Deliver What You Want

Many of our clients come to us already knowing what it is they need, but lacking a way to make it a reality. If you already know what your organization is looking for, our team of experts can work with you to apply advanced signal processing methods capable of delivering the results that have eluded you thus far.

Our team works with clients to develop sensors, algorithms, and various combinations of both to create a better means to solve your existing problem. We are well-versed in modern technologies to improve signal processing methods that extract data for statistical analysis and confident results.

Your data environment may be subject to wide variations that negatively influence results. For example:

  • High noise levels that bury the signal of interest
  • Highly cluttered signal conditions
  • Big data sets with your critical information buried deep within
  • Low or sparse signals (a ‘picket fence’ instead of a clean spectrum)
  • Signals with low resolution, few or missing data points, or other challenges

Rock West Solutions is not intimidated by cluttered environments or weak signals. We bring decades of signal analysis experience and leverage the latest and best signal detection strategies to generate accurate identification results. Those strategies include:

  • Sparse signal discovery
  • Sparse signal identification
  • Kalman filtering
  • System Identification
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Visualization

Furthermore, our signal detection and processing capabilities are not limited to just a small number of applications. Our team members have decades of experience in this industry and have worked on a wide variety of projects. What we do can be applied to nearly any data set with existing models. Here are just a few examples:

  • EO/IR signature detection
  • Radioactive isotope identification
  • Chemical signature analysis
  • Applied statistical analysis
  • Facial attribute recognition
  • Behavioral or communication patterns

Using Bayesian or similarly applied statistical and analytical techniques integrated with hardware and/or software solutions, signal processing tools, and engineering design methods, we will provide the most efficient and effective solution needed to solve your problem.

We Deliver What You Need

There’s no such thing as effective off-the-shelf signal detection in the modern era. What your organization needs differs vastly from what another Rock West client needs. We believe in developing application-specific solutions that consider each client’s specific signal processing requirements. You will not get a one-size-fits-all answer from us. Rather, we will deliver the exact solution you need to solve your problem.

Rock West Solutions will work with you to develop sensors and signal processing solutions with the potential to achieve high probability of detection or identification. Our technologies are adaptable to your data sets and include statistical confidence estimation, allowing for the use of small and massive data sets alike. Whatever your signal detection needs, we have the tools and expertise to help achieve your goals.