Engineering Capabilities

Electro-Optical and Applied Sensor Technologies
Radiation Detection Technologies
Systems Integration

Rock West Solutions specializes in the development of products that use advanced sensor system technologies. We provide best value integrated solutions to achieve our clients’ goals for the detection of photons, gammas and xrays, neutrons, or RF signatures.  We provide experienced engineering support, design, analysis, test and/or prototyping.  We realize that any project’s technical requirements need to be understood within the context of the client’s overall program or strategic goals, such as providing a solution with the lowest risk, lowest cost, or have the shortest schedule or least complicated design.  Rock West will work with you to ensure the appropriate engineering solution.


Our Areas of Excellence include:

Electro-Optical and Applied Sensor Technologies: Our technical team brings substantial experience in the development of advanced sensor technologies using the ultraviolet through far infrared spectrum to provide imagery or signatures in challenging operational environments. We deliver innovative solutions for imaging systems, photon detection, and spectroscopy. We can provide our customers with definition of requirements through modeling, development, and testing of mission-critical systems for detection, inspection, and metrology applications.

Radiation Detection Technologies: We bring substantial product development and research experience for the development of advanced radiation detection and identification technologies to meet our customer’s requirements in demanding real-world scenarios. We can provide integrated sensor and signal processing solutions for ionizing radiation detection, identification, and location determination. We support our customers with a range of modeling, simulation, analysis, and radiation detection system design and development.

Systems Integration: Advanced systems require highly integrated solutions where technology, design, and functional trade-offs are often necessary. Rock West can help you prioritize system requirements and then develop the best overall solution.


Once a product has been defined, the next challenge is often demonstrating its capabilities. Rock West Solutions can build, or help you develop, the prototype hardware and conduct the tests that demonstrate its features in lab to operational environments.  This includes defining the sensor system to be developed, building the hardware and software, performing integration and testing, and conducting final acceptance tests at the demonstration, qualification and/or certification level(s).

Complementary Expertise Provided by our Parent Company
Rock West Composites

Advanced Composites: We understand advanced composite materials and coatings for structural, RF, optical, and thermal applications. We can determine what materials technologies will improve performance and how they can affect cost, risk, and schedule.

Mechanical Systems: We work the full range from conceptual to detailed design, including analysis for multiple disciplines such as structural and thermal requirements. We can perform trade studies optimizing weight, stiffness, strength, and cost to customer priorities.

Radomes and Antennas: Our technical experts provide integrated solutions for RF structures and electrical systems. These systems include radomes and antennas (fixed, deployable, and conformal) along with various radar systems.

Low-Observable Structures: We can perform trade studies of the different engineering approaches to reducing the radar signatures of structures and/or how sensors can be integrated into specific applications.

Thermal Management: We bring expertise in materials and design solutions that when applied to thermal management can mitigate thermal/heat transfer issues.

Composite Manufacturing: Manufacturer of high performance composite (primarily carbon fiber) tubing and molded products for the commercial, industrial, and aerospace industries.