Medical Devices

Medical Device Development

Doctors + Engineers = Better Diagnostic Tools

We Bring Those Tools to Market

Doctors frequently rely on technology to help diagnose patients. Technology isn’t always up to date. Medical professionals may know what information would help better care for their patients, but don’t know how to actually get that data.

Rock West Solutions brings to medical practitioners the ability to define a way to acquire that data. As a team of sensor, signal processing, and technology experts that solve hard problems in creative ways, we can develop new and innovation technology to help close or reduce the information gap that plagues physicians.

This new technology can be brought to market to help the medical community at large.

We work with medical teams to determine the following:

  • Could a new or improved medical diagnostic system provide a significantly better result for the clinician than is currently available?
  • Does the device enable clinical and patient compliance (is it easy to use)?
  • Does it provide a clear and easily understandable result for the diagnostician?
  • Does it meet cost and producibility objectives for the intended market?
  • Should the device provide 24/7 physician monitored results via cellular service or WiFi?
  • Should the device provide immediate results, or allow patient feedback, via Smartphone or computer?
  • What are the possibilities for diagnostic relevance in similar diseases and conditions?
  • Can the device be patented to secure the intellectual property for the investors?

Rock West Solutions can help front-line practitioners make a direct measurement of a condition, a faster clinical assessment, and a more confident and qualitative diagnosis.  To learn more about what we’ve accomplished in this arena, read about Mopill: GPS for the Gut.