Healthcare Industry

It starts with the diagnosis.


Successful Medical Device Development: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Healthcare today is a conglomerate of countless technological advances. From glucose monitors to surgical robots, many different industries feed into modern medicine and Rock West Solutions is no exception. We bring state-of-the-art methodologies and engineering expertise into device development, incorporating electronics and sensor design, signal processing, and data management/analysis optimization.

Sensor Design

The beginning of any medical journey is diagnosis. With the incredible variety of conditions and disease manifestations, it is crucial that physicians are able to gather adequate diagnostic data to determine the best course of treatment. Precise and accurate diagnostic devices are central in this process.

Sensors are excellent building blocks in creating new or improving existing tools for medical evaluation. No longer are clinicians limited to monitoring a patient only when they are in the clinic. Wearable sensors have provided great insight into the personalized care of a patient. Such sensors can allow medical professionals to consider physiological attributes, such as blood pressure and heart rate, over long periods of time to look for patterns or abnormalities. These tools do not end with external measurements. Our team recently developed MoPill, an ingestible sensor to map and monitor the GI tract. There are endless possibilities for the use of sensors both in and on the body.

Once a conclusion is reached concerning a diagnosis, a new set of tools is needed for patient care and treatment. Whether it is monitoring heart health with an EKG or evaluating strength development with a dynamometer, sensors are essential to providing accurate and relevant data. Acute measurements in the hospital and continuous monitoring for chronic conditions alike benefit from optimized devices. It is not enough for these instruments to be accurate, they must also be easy to use, low cost, and efficient. We work with healthcare professionals to make sure we are developing tools that are both useful and intuitive. Even the most impressive electronics are a failure if the end user cannot work with them. Pairing human factor considerations with our innovative analysis techniques results in devices that benefit both patients and practitioners.

What patient metrics are you looking to measure? Are you considering a wearable, ingestible, or standard instrument? Which aspect of patient care and recovery do you want to improve? What tool would make your medical practice more efficient? Contact Rock West Solutions to discuss the benefits and feasibility of adding sensors to your device or system. Whether it is expertly integrating COTS parts or developing a custom medical device, our team is an exceptional resource.

Signal Processing and Data Analysis

Acquiring a diagnostic signal is one thing, but processing that signal into a useful clinical result is a different challenge all together. If the signal is coming from a small structure or is deep in the body, there may be a sparse resulting dataset or a weak measurement. On the other end of the spectrum, complications of high noise levels and cluttered signal collection conditions are common in hospital or clinical settings where dozens if not hundreds of devices are in constant use. In either case, finding the needle in a digital haystack is right in our wheelhouse at Rock West Solutions. Our team has a strong background in both theoretical principles and real-world applications, which allows us to tackle challenges effectively.

Measuring the signal is only half the battle, the next challenge is interpreting it. Rock West Solutions can work with a customer in the healthcare sector to develop not only better software and signal processing methodologies, but also analysis methodologies which can assist medical professionals or researchers in understanding the data. Our group has successfully applied statistical methods to process thousands of challenging data sets to answer important questions for our customers. With highly experienced team members with a variety of complementary skillsets such as statistical analysis, requirements analysis and management, signal processing, and optimization algorithm development, we are able to adapt to any project.

Are you struggling to minimize your background and noise levels? Do you have a dataset that may contain useful information but you have no way to analyze it? Do you want to know how to interpret small sample sets with statistical confidence? Is there a metric you want to observe but need help identifying the signal? Are you looking to get the most out of your collected data? Let our team help turn your collected signal into a valuable metric.

We are excited to be part of bringing data analysis methods, advanced signal processing, and sensor development to the healthcare industry. Contact us today to discuss how our team can work together to make your project goals into realities.