EO/IR Sensors

Putting Photons to Work for You!

Rock West Solutions is ready to put photons to work for you. Our group principals have developed a variety of Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors and detectors and their associated signature processing algorithms for a diverse field of customers and applications. Our products and systems range from highly custom US Department of Defense sensors, to the design and prototyping support of startup companies developing a unique commercial EO/IR product for industrial inspection applications.

Multispectral Experience Across Markets

Our EO/IR sensor, detector, and signature analysis portfolio has included numerous sensor technologies that span the ultraviolet to far infrared. Our belief is that an EO/IR sensor and its associated signal or image processing must be tightly integrated in form and function, and in the most demanding applications, must be optimized for the most challenging sensing applications. These applications can encompass US DoD, industrial, or medical markets. We have worked in all three customer areas, and understand the critical issues that drive sensor development, and ultimate success.

Rock West brings a vast experience base in the development and application of:

  • passive imagers
  • radiometers
  • spectrometers, and
  • fiber optic sensors

to solve our customer’s mission critical needs. We have worked with both room temperature and low background cryogenic detectors and optics in many of these systems, using reflective and refractive optics, custom spectral filters, and detectors, optimized as a mission-driven, sensing solution. Programs range from EO/IR technologies that support laboratory analysis, field measurement, and mission platforms in challenging collection environments.

Rock West principals have developed custom EO/IR radiometers and spectrometers for a variety of detection and identification applications. EO/IR sensor designs originate with our customer’s requirements, and are tailored to provide unique signature measurement. We understand EO/IR technologies, their strengths, and weaknesses, and can work with customers to develop sensor solutions to meet their requirements. Rock West has frequently addressed the “out of the box” mission requirements that are typically not met with off the shelf technologies. For example, our team has developed high resolution, high speed infrared spectrometers that collected MWIR or LWIR spectra at 1000 spectra per second. These compact sensors were developed to collect calibrated, field ruggedized signatures from plumes, blasts, and gunfire as well as used in support of explosives residue detection applications.

Cost Effective Solutions for Difficult Problems

We understand that our customers’ missions and needs range from low cost to highly custom solutions. We have worked the full spectrum of EO/IR technologies. We have developed low cost sensors by integrating commercial technologies, to interrogate rocket plumes during ignition and firing. Leveraging what we learned on this project, we transitioned this technology into commercial low cost, high resolution embedded sensor applications. Our group principals have also developed integrated visible, MWIR, and LWIR radiometers for acquiring, tracking, and characterizing geosynchronous satellites.

Rock West has experience in LIDAR design and development, using visible through infrared photons. These sensors have been deployed for standoff signature assessment, enabling the interrogation and signature analysis for hard target, acoustic, or plume source or feature identification. Our commercial LIDAR and signature analysis experience has also been employed for embedded sensor monitoring of industrial applications.

EO/IR Sensor Testing

Are you testing EO/IR sensors? Rock West understands sensors, and what it takes to stimulate a sensor to test and evaluate its performance against is key requirements objectives. In order to test a sensor, the simulator must have higher fidelity than the sensor itself in order to find the limits of the sensor’s performance. Rock West can support sensor requirements development, test planning, test instrumentation development, and data analysis to help you determine if your sensor is working as planned.

Rock West’s team is ready to help you detect, identify, and manage your EO/IR photons. Ultraviolet to far infrared, contact us.