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IR Beacon - Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF)

Our understanding of infrared (IR) radiation has come a long way since it was first discovered by Sir William Herschel in the early 1800s. Yet it wasn’t until about 100 years ago that we began to fully appreciate the potential of IR technology to influence everything from battlefield operations to improving our way of life.

The average consumer thinks of IR technology design and development in terms of creating better consumer electronics. Some of the more savvy among us may even understand the implications of the technology for flight operations, aerospace development, and the like. At Rock West Solutions, IR technology is a means of better equipping our military and law enforcement agencies.

A great example is the deployment of Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) technologies. Our relationship with IFF is not mere book knowledge and theory. Rock West Solutions is actively engaged in developing IFF with our partners in the military and the commercial sector. We believe our contribution is critical to national security.

Compact, Low-Power IFF Systems

Rock West Solutions is extremely proud to have designed and developed a line of custom, low-power infrared beacons that provide a reliable IFF solution for clients. Our technology is supported by a range of services clients have come to rely on:

  • EO/IR signature modeling and simulation,
  • IR background, signal-to-noise, and radiation flux modeling,
  • Source and electronics technology trade studies, and
  • Concept-of-operations investigations.

Our custom infrared beacons meet the logistical operational needs for both IFF and tagging and tracking missions. We have equipped them with ample power and multiple modulation modes to ensure reliability in the field. For example, some of our beacons have provided a seven-hour continuous operating period on batteries with an observation range of more than two miles.

Technology You Can Depend On

All the best IR technology design and development in the world is of little value if you cannot rely on the equipment you take into the field. We get it. In terms of IFF technology, military personnel cannot afford to take any chances. They absolutely must be able to identify both friend and foe for their own safety. That says nothing of protecting the safety of friendly forces that might otherwise be incorrectly identified.

Our infrared beacons also have plenty of uses apart from military IFF. As such, our private sector clients rely just as much on our technology is the military. They cannot afford equipment that does not work as advertised. They are counting on us every bit as much, and we take that to heart as we develop application-specific IR beacons. We can help our customers with helmet, vehicle, or materiel tagging and tracking.

When you choose Rock West Solutions for infrared technology, you get an experienced team you can depend on. The combination of our technical expertise and decades of experience working with public and private sector organizations has made us an industry leader with a solid reputation. We would be honored to work with you as your supplier of infrared beacons and technologies. Contact us