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IR Beacon - Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF)

Rock West Solutions designed and developed a line of compact, low power, infrared beacons to provide Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) for clients.  We supported our design with the following services:

  • Infrared emission modeling and simulation
  • IR background, signal to noise, and radiation flux modeling
  • Source and electronics technology trade studies, and
  • Concept-of-operations investigations

These beacons meet the logistical operations needs for IFF, as well as tagging and tracking missions with ample power and multiple modulation modes. The IR-100 MWIR beacon has a seven-hour continuous operating period on batteries with an observation range of more than two miles.

IR-200 Beacon

IR-200 Beacon, a line of affordable IFF beacons that provide long range observation of personnel and equipment in a custom infrared band, has many advantageous attributes listed below:

– Radiance adjustable (1600K to 2000K)

  • 2 mile range in MWIR demonstrated at lowest power
  • 120 degree radiance cone
  • 7 hour run-time on rechargeable / replaceable batteries
  • Dependable 10,000 hour lifetime source

– Modulation art 0.5, 1, 2 Hertz; user programmable

– Push Button manual blinking

– Night Vision, MWIR, LWIR, or Blocked Bands

– Control Electronics

  • Powered by 7.4 volt Li Ion battery
  • Operates with 4.5 to 15 volt input
  • Incorporates power management for extended battery life

– Component technologies designed to support various form factors

  • Helmet mounted
  • Vehicle roof mount or ground disk
  • RF tag triggers, structure mounted