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Case Studies

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Rock West Solutions has a history of developing and delivering detector and software systems that address EO/IR, radiation detection and spectroscopy, and signal analysis missions for our customers. We have designed and built EO/IR detectors, imagers, and multispectral systems that span the UV to far infrared for target acquisition and tracking, image and signature analysis, and other related applications. We have developed early concepts to delivered sensors that use fiber and laser technologies for interrogation and characterization of near to long range targets such as objects, plumes, and constituent chemistry. Our team brings decades of experience in the development of handheld to large area ionizing radiation spectrometers that provide spectra with resolution close to the intrinsic resolution of the CZT, CsI, NaI, or other detector materials due to our expertise in low noise analog electronics.

Our past sensors and detectors have often required very low power electronics architectures to enable long life between battery changes. Sensor designs have required low noise to dig the smallest signals out of backgrounds or clutter. Novel signal calibration and acquisition methods such as aggregate or time sampled methods have enabled us to significantly improve signatures for subsequent analysis and identification. To address very sparse or low-level signatures, we have developed statistically based methods for identification with an associated confidence metric, to enable our customers to evaluate results based on objective measures.

Examples of our work include:

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